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US Green Card through Marriage

A bona fide marriage to a US Citizen may be the safest and sometimes also the quickest way to a US green card. For immigration purposes, spouses of US Citizens are considered to be in the so-called Immediate Relative category, which enjoys some advantages compared to other preference categories. In particular, there are pronounced procedural benefits where the US Citizen spouse is residing in the UK.

If you apply for a greencard/permanent residency prior to your 2 year wedding anniversary there will be conditions imposed on your greencard. This effectively means that the foreign national will not be granted a full greencard until after the conditions are removed and the marriage is still in existence and meets the criteria.

Procedure Where the US Citizen Spouse Resides in the UK

Other Procedures for Green Card Through Marriage

In general, the procedures will vary and can take longer than where both spouses are residing in the UK if:

  1. The US Citizen spouse is living in the US and the non-US Citizen spouse is living in the UK, or
  2. Both spouses are living in the US, or
  3. The parties are engaged, but not yet married

If your circumstances mirror any of those described above, please contact our office for more detailed information about procedures and processing times.

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