UK Tier 2 Minister of Religion Visa

The Tier 2 Minister of Religion visa is for ministers of religion, missionaries or other members of religious orders who have been offered employment within their faith communities in the UK.

Who Can Apply?

Suitable pastoral duties for the Tier 2 Minister of Religion visa include:

Working as a teacher in a school run by a religious organisation is not suitable employment for a Tier 2 Minister of Religion visa and those who wish to teach is such organisations will need to obtain a Tier 2 General Visa

Bringing Your Family to the UK

You can bring your immediate family members, such as your husband, wife or partner and your dependant children, to the UK for the duration of your visa. If you are already in the UK then they can apply to join you here. This requires that the relationship can be evidenced and there are also further Maintenance requirements to ensure that you can afford to maintain yourself and your family when you come to the UK.

Employer Requirements

In order to Sponsor someone from outside the EEA for a Tier 2 Minister of Relgion visa you will need to meet the following requirements:

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