European Citizens living and working in the UK

EU Citizens will generally have the right to live and work in the UK based on the right to Freedom of Movement. This is referred to as exercising Treaty Rights. If you are a student or of independent means then you would be expected to obtain Comprehensive Sickness Insurance.

Residence Card - EEA Document Certifying Residence

EEA Citizens do not have to register for a Document Certifying Residence, but it is useful to do so as it provides confirmation and evidence of your status and can assist you in entering the UK more easily and show employers that you are permitted to work in the UK.

Settlement - Permanent Residence for EU Citizens in the UK

Once you have completed 5 years exercising Treaty Rights in the UK you may be able to apply for a Document Certifying Permanent Residence. Whilst it is not required for you to make this application, you will not be able to apply for British Citizenship until you have formally obtained the Document Certifying Permanent Residence and held this status for at least one year, along with the usual requirements for British Citizenship.

If you are an EEA Citizen living and working in the UK and you would like to discuss your situation or you would like professional assistance with obtaining Permanent Residence or British Citizenship then please either call us on 08456801100 (local rate number) / 01732741611 or by email

Non-EEA Family Members of EEA Citizens

You can bring your immediate family members, such as your husband, wife or partner and your dependant children, to the UK and they will derive the same right to live and work as the EEA Citizen, along with the right to apply for Permanent Residence and Citizenship in due course.

British Citizenship for EU Citizens

Once you have held a Document Certifying Permanenent Residence for at least 12 months you can apply for British Citizenship. You will need to meet the usual requirements, including evidence of your English language ability.

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