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OISC - UK Immigration Industry Regulatory Body
With over 20 years experience providing Immigration, Work Permit and Visa Consultancy Services, we provide a complete immigration service for Individuals, Employers, Employees and HR Professionals, helping skilled workers and their families live and work in the UK and around the world.

Our unique range of services address every aspect of Immigration for Corporate and Individual Clients, enabling Immigration to or from countries such as Canada, UK, Australia and USA.
 Global Immigration, Work Permit and Work Visa ServicesCareers with SkillClear 
UK Work Permit Visa and Immigration Facts


UK Immigration has become quite complex and restrictive, with employment now requiring a work permit (Tier 2 Visa) sponsored by an employer with a Sponsor Licence.

There are also options for investors and entrepreneurs to obtain UK Visas and a fast-track route to Indefinite Leave to Remain and Citizenship in specific situations.
USA Work Permit Visa facts for Immigration to America


The USA offers some tremendous opportunities but also has one of the most complicated systems of Immigration in the world.

Our experienced US Immigration Consultants will be happy to discuss your options and guide you through the process.
Australia Work Permit Visa and Immigration Facts


Australia has done more than most countries to encourage immigration of skilled workers but Australian Immigration can be quite complex, with a variety of options depending on your skills and the region you wish to emigrate to.

You will find all of the facts about Immigration, Work Permits and Visas in our Australia Immigration section.
Canada Immigration Work Permit and Visa Facts


Canada offers a range of Work Permits and Visas and is actively seeking skilled individuals.

Entry can be gained in a number of ways, including the points based Canada Skilled Worker Visa. This has recently had the points requirement reduced, thus making it a more realistic option for Canadian Immigration.

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