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Immigration Consultants in the UK

Skillclear have been providing immigration advice and assistance for over 15 years. Prior to this, immigration advice and assistance was provided as part of a larger recruitment company that was established for over 20 years. Every Immigration Consultant currently at SkillClear has at least 6 years experience.

Our services apply to both companies and individuals and we are here to advise and guide you through the maze that can sometimes be International Immigration Law.

There are a wide range of different types of Visas and Permits designed to best accomodate your requirements. We closely examine these requirements and ensure that the route we take together is the most cost effective and efficient.

Our Services


Our primary service is full representation of your application by a qualified Immigration Consultant in the UK. This includes helping you to choose the most suitable visa, advising you with regard to exactly what documents will be required, assessing the suitability of the documents that are available and finding ways around any potential problems. We then prepare forms for your signature and present your application to the Home Office with a covering letter fully explaining your application and providing any clarifications that may be required.

For Clients based overseas we provide the same service as is provided for those in the UK, except that the applicant outside the UK will need to submit their application themselves, either directly to the nearest British Embassy or Visa Application Centre. The application is still prepared by your UK Immigration Consultant with the same care and attention to detail and a covering letter is supplied for you to include with your application.

It is relatively rare for our applications to be refused and this is a direct result of our experience and the care taken to ensure that Home Office caseworkers have no basis on which to refuse your application.

Same-Day Service - PEO Appointments

If you need to get your application processed urgently in the UK there is a Premium Same-Day Service available at a variety of Public Enquiry Offices. You can book an appointment at the Home Office website - Book an appointment. We can also secure appointments and attend with you on the day in Croydon, so please get in touch if you need assistance.

If you require urgent treatment of your Tier 1 Visa, Tier 2 Work Visa or Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) then please contact us now.

Document Check Service

For applicants who wish to submit their own applications and do not wish to pay for full representation we offer a document checking service. This involves assessment of the documents you have prepared by your Immigration Consultant in support of your application and full advice with regard to any potential problems that there may be, ways to get around such problems and advice relating to any additional documents that may be required or changes to the wording or format of documents. If you have a relatively simple application or feel confident of submitting your application then this might be the ideal way to have peace of mind by getting everything checked by a professional and experienced Immigration Consultant.

If you are interested in this service then simply choose the visa in which you are interested using our contact form and we will get back to you with more details.


Around 50% of applications made without representation will be refused, sometimes correctly, sometimes due to a mistake by the caseworker or sometimes simply as a result of an unfair decision being made. If you have been refused a UK Visa then contact us for advice about your options and assistance with the appeals process.

Employer and Corporate Services - Tier 2 Visas and Sponsor Registration

Tier 2 of the Points Based System and current immigration law place the responsibility for ensuring that employees have the right to work in the UK squarely on the shoulders of the employer. Failure to comply with legislation can result in heavy fines and the removal of the right to employ those on work permits. It is vital that Sponsor Registration is completed correctly and that Tier 2 Visas are supported with correctly evidenced Certificates of Sponsorship.

Whilst current legislation seems rather onerous, it can be quite easy to ensure that there are no problems if you have the right information and assistance. Our services include advice from initial registration as a sponsor through ongoing management of your Sponsor Management System, issuing of Certificates of Sponsorship and assistance with Tier 2 Visas.

Immigration, Work Permit and Visa Services