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South Africa Work Permits and Visas

There are three common types of Work Permit for South Africa:

South Africa also operates a list of Skills Shortage Occupations.

General Work Permits

Under the General Work Permit there are very strict requirements. The South African government, although trying to promote work and trade in South Africa, recognise the need to give South Africans the chance to get work before any foreigner.

You will have to prove that you are the only person who can fill that position and that no other South African can perform that role. This is done by the employer placing an advert in a national newspaper advertising the position. If no-one suitable applies, the chances of you getting the position are good.

You will also have to have a job offer/contract from your future employer.

Intra Company Transfer

The conditions become a lot more relaxed with the Intra Company Transfer where your local company sends you to South Africa on a contractual arrangement to join up with the same company but on South African soil. If presented correctly, an intra company work permit for South Africa can be obtained quite quickly.

Quota Work Permits

There is a mandatory 5 years experience necessary and the applicant is granted a 3 month work permit. Once the applicant is in the country he/she has 3 months to seek employment. Once he/she has found employment, Home Affairs must be notified.

Skills Shortage Occupations

Science and Engineering:

Education Professionals

Information Technology Professionals

Health and Medical Science Professions

Agricultural Sciences

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