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South Africa Life Partner and Spouse Visas

Foreigners who are spouses of South African citizens, boyfriends or girlfriends of South African citizens may apply for their life partner visa and upon receiving it, apply for permanent residence.

To obtain permanent residence in South Africa, you would have to have been with your partner for more than 5 years. This came about with the new regulations published on the 1st July 2005.

The life partner visa is very similar to the spousal visa but accommodates same sex partnerships. It's important to understand that you donít have to be married to get a life partner visa. Proof of the relationship will obviously be important when submitting the application.

If you wish to work in South Africa, this can easily be arranged.

Skillclear and our partners will guide you through the entire process and make sure that all is in order for your application. Once we confirm that you will qualify for the visa we will guarantee you a successful application.

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