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South Africa Business Visas and Permits

So you have made the decision to either open or buy a business in South Africa and thus require a business visa. Good choice!

South Africa is going through a very exciting stage at the moment and there are lots of opportunities to be involved in this emerging economy. Especially for small business owners, the markets are extremely lucrative and the government welcomes anyone who wants to invest.

On the 1st of July 2005, the regulations changed and the requirements for a South African business permit changed. Foreign business owners are now required to employ 5 South Africans and invest aprox R2.5m.

Yes we heard you, R2.5m is quite a bit, especially if you are starting a small business where the capital requirements are much less than this.

This is where we come in! Skillclear and their partners SAMI, who have a good relationship with the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) can easily reduce this figure to something that is more proportionate to the type of business you would like to open. This is called a capital waiver. In the past, we have managed to arrange business permits with capital investments of as little as R60,000.

The requirement to employ 5 South Africans is mandatory.

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