South Africa Immigration Services

South Africa Immigration, Permits and Visas Overview

South Africa has a critical shortage of skilled workers and professionals, and consequently welcomes investment. Persons fitting the criteria below may qualify for one of the various temporary residence or immigration permits available.

South Africa Immigration Overview

Business Permit
Investment in own Business, with or without a South African partner.

Life Partner Permits
Residence permits available to non-South Africans with a South African life partner.

Work Permit
An offer of employment from a South African employer.

Study Permits
Those wishing to study in South Africa.

Medical Permits
Those requiring medical treatment in South Africa.

Application Process for Immigration to South Africa

Permits are obtained from the Department of Home Affairs. The time taken to grant an application is difficult to predetermine as this depends on the nature of the permit required. Certain applications must be lodged with the Embassy in the applicant's country of origin.

We are able to assist individuals and corporations who are requiring migration permits with both integrity and confidentiality.

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