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Learn Direct GLOBAL
learndirect is a network of online learning and information services. It's a government-sponsored initiative in flexible learning, intended to make possible the vision of a 'learning society' where everyone can learn and upgrade their skills throughout life.

learndirect was developed by Ufi (University for Industry), working in partnership with the government to deliver workforce development and lifelong learning. Ufi works in partnership with a broad range of public and private providers to deliver mainly online courses and information through a network of learning centres. Ufi aims to promote e-learning to all, providing the opportunity to learn anywhere, at any time and at any pace.

learndirect is aimed at anyone over the age of 16, including:

those working in companies who wish to improve their workplace skills
those who are seeking work and wish to improve their employability
those who feel excluded from the world of education
those who feel excluded from our digital society
those who simply wish to learn something new.
The Matren UK
A great UK Business Directory for Training Companies and several more useful resources.  
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