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Cheap International Calls from your Mobile Phone UK
Mobile Phones in the UK
The most convenient way to stay in touch in the UK is by using a mobile phone. There is no need to queue for a payphone, wait for an internet connection or wait for a landline to be connected.

I thought it was expensive to use a mobile phone in the UK?
Traditionally if you chose to “roam” with your current mobile phone in the UK it would be very expensive. However, by simply changing the SIM card (the small removable chip inside your handset) in your mobile phone for a UK SIM card you can avoid all roaming charges.

By purchasing a UK prepaid SIM card you can reduce call charges by 80% and keep your current handset. All you need to do is ensure that you have GSM mobile and that it operates on the1800 Mhz frequency (Please refer to your user manual if unsure).

Once you have replaced your SIM card for a UK SIM card you will receive all calls for FREE, be able to call home from just 5p/min and control your costs.

Currently the cheapest prepaid SIM card in the UK is the Mobile World SIM card. International calls are 70% cheaper than any other UK network and thanks to you can purchase a Mobile World SIM before you arrive in the UK for £14.99 ($28 or 22€) with £5 Free calling credit.
  • Save 80% on international roaming costs
  • Stay in touch and safe
  • Have your new telephone number before you travel
  • Receive all incoming calls for FREE
  • Call the USA & Canada for 5p/min
  • Call Europe from just 7p/min
  • Call Asia from just 6p/min
  • Control your costs with a prepaid SIM
  • Provide a UK telephone number to new contacts
UK Phone Shop UK
As a truly independent mobile communications specialist UKPhoneShop are able to offer you the best package to suit your personal or business needs, regardless of the network, tariff or equipment.

Our experienced advisors will guide you through what, to many people is a confusing and difficult market place. With all four networks and a multitude of tariffs and handsets to choose from we are sure to have the right solution for you at truly unbeatable prices.

We offer one of the widest ranges of equipment and airtime billing in the UK together with the full selection of PRE-PAY and ALL IN ONE package.

Unlike our competitors who seem only too ready to ally themselves to a particular network we have no vested interest in connecting our customers this way and therefore provide access to all the major operators. This independence allows us to integrate the strengths of various networks to offer a diversity of solution.

We also offer White Label services.

We offer connections to: O2 * VODAFONE * T-Mobile * ORANGE
British Telecom plc UK
The only real choice for UK landline services.

Our ambition is to be the best provider of communications services and solutions for everybody in the UK and for corporate customers in the rest of Europe, with global reach through partnerships.
Popular services for all UK customers
Network services & solutions for communication companies
Worldwide business solutions
Internet services
Advanced research & technology
ACR's International Calling Code Directory UK
Excellent resource.

A complete listing of all International Dialing Codes.
UK Telephone Code Locator UK
Another excellent resource.

Just type in the STD code and we will tell you the geographical area of that code including grid references and code allocations.
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