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Educational and Professional Qualification Equivalency

Welcome to the SkillClear Resource for Educational and professional qualification equivalents. This page will assist with verifying your academic qualifications in relation to those in the UK and is particularly relevant for Tier 1 Visa and Work Permit Applications. If you need to further verify Professional Qualifications or Memberships, please see here. You may need to contact the body that awarded you your qualification and/or their UK equivalent body.

UK NARIC is the national agency under contract to the UK Government Department for Education and Skills. UK NARIC is the official source of information and advice on the comparability of international qualifications from over 180 countries worldwide with those in the UK, we also promote UK qualifications abroad.

We offer advice and information about academic recognition, the comparability of international and national qualifications and their use in education and training, professional registration and international employment.

For advice on recognition of technical and vocational qualifications and skills attained from outside the UK, you can contact the UK National Reference Point for Vocational Qualifications (UK NRP).

It doesn't matter where you come from - UK, Europe and the whole world. Our information about education systems and qualifications is provided to higher education institutions, professional bodies and commercial organisations. Other types of organisations that we work with include:

Academic institutions
Professional bodies
Recruitment agencies
British Council offices
Refugee councils
Government departments
Other NARICs and ENICs
Immigration, Work Permit and Visa Services