Tier 5 Visa - Youth Mobility (Working Holiday)

The Tier 5 Visa replaced the previous Working Holiday Visa. Also know as the Youth Mobility Scheme, the Tier 5 Visa allows you to work in the UK for a full 2-year period.

Tier 5 Qualifying Criteria

You will need to show a balance of at least the equivalent of GBP 1600.00 in your personal bank account(s) and/or your savings account(s) at the time the application is submitted.

You will not be permitted to switch to any other category within the Points Based System and must have left the UK upon expiry of your Tier 5 Visa.

Family and Dependants

If you and your partner wish to come to the UK using the Tier 5 visa then you must both make individual applications - your partner cannot be your dependant on this visa. Children cannot accompany you to the UK on a Tier 5 visa.

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