UK HSMP - Highly Skilled Migrant Programme


On 30 June 2008 HSMP was replaced throughout the world by the Tier 1 HSMP Visa (part of the UK Points Based System). The below information is provided purely for historical purposes.

MBA Provision for the UK Highly Skilled Migrant Programme

From 12 April 2005 you will be able to gain full qualifying points for your HSMP application if you are an MBA Graduate from one of the business schools listed below.

This is a wonderful opportunity for those that qualify to obtain the right to work under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme.

You must meet the following criteria to qualify for the MBA Provision: If you have graduated from one of the eligible business schools with a different qualification than an MBA then you might still qualify for the UK HSMP Visa. Why not try our HSMP Points Calculator.

List of eligible business schools for the HSMP MBA Provision:
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