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Z Visa - Work Permit and Residence Permit

A Z Visa is issued to individuals who are working in China and will be employed by a Chinese domestic enterprise, as well as their dependants (spouse, children under 18). In order for the Z visa to allow for long-term residency, appropriate procedures must be undertaken to obtain a work permit and then residence permit.

Duration: A Z visa may be used for only one entry and will be valid for 3 months of issuance. The visa will state "000 days after entry", which simply means that the holder must conduct relevant procedures to obtain a work permit and residence permit within 30 days of entry. (To note, if the applicant must leave the country before completion of the residence permit process, then they must re-apply for a Z visa prior to re-entry).

The work permit and residence permit are generally valid for one year, and may be continuously renewed provided the holder continues to be employed in China.

The application procedures may be divided into two major steps, firstly, Z visa application in the home country, then work permit and residence permit application on entry into China:

  1. Applicant must undergo a medical examination, with the report written on the prescribed form by a doctor in the home country or, on entry, undergo the requisite exam in the Chinese city in which the employee intends to work
  2. Employer application for a foreign employment license on behalf of the new employee
  3. Employer application for an employee invitation letter
  4. Application for a Z visa

On entry into China, the following additional steps must be undertaken:

  1. Application for local temporary residence permit
  2. Application for work permit
  3. Application for residence permit
  4. Renewal and update of work and residence permit

Visa Extension

Provided the work permit and residence permit holder maintains employment in China, they may extend their work permit and residence permit prior to expiry. Renewal term will be the same as the original term.

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