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Province Nominee Program

The Province Nominee Program aims to address skill shortage issues in certain provinces within Canada under a slightly different Canada work visa program.

Under this program an employer can nominate a limited number of candidates for certain skilled positions and make an application to a participating state for sponsorship of the work permit for Canada. The following requirements apply:

The following states are actively supporting applications under the PN Program:

All of the above provinces have different requirements to meet in order to be sponsored for a Canada work visa, however the requirements listed above are essential in every case. If you have an employer wishing to nominate you under the PN Program for a work permit in Canada, please contact us to discuss further.

Once you obtain sponsorship from a state under the PN Program you will need to make an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for your Permanent Resident Visa. Please bear in mind that sponsorship from one of the above provinces does not guarantee the approval of your Permanent Resident visa and the final decision will be made by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

In addition to the above you and your family will need to meet the following basic requirements in order to be approved for a Canada Permanent Resident visa:

If your potential Canadian employer is not currently operating a business in one of the above states, you will not be eligible to apply under the PN Program and may like to consider some alternative options for Canadian immigration that may be available to you.

If you have an employer in Canada that wishes to offer you employment on a contract or permanent basis, we can help you and them secure a full Canada work permit for you. This is of course the quickest and most direct route to live and work in Canada, however it is not a Permanent resident visa.

The Canada Skilled Worker Visa enables you to gain Permanent Resident status, in which you are entitled to live and work in Canada without the need of an employment offer for your Canadian Visa.

Employers can still sponsor this application if they wish to increase your points total and speed up processing, however the Canadian Visa will be issued to you and you are able to accept a job and join a new employer without you and that employer needing to go through the work permit process.

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