British Citizenship

In order to make a British Citizenship application in the UK, also known as Naturalisation as a British Citizen, you must meet the following requirements:

British Citizenship Requirements

You must usually demonstrate that you:

British Citizenship based on marriage to a British Citizen

You must demonstrate that you:

Once approved you will have the right to apply for a British Passport and this will allow significant ease of movement across various borders and territories, along with the continued right to live and work in the UK. This means the end of continued visa applications and uncertainty and represents the end of a long journey for many people.

Contact Us for Assistance

We have helped many people successfully complete this journey and obtain British Citizenship. Processing times are quite long and it is therefore of geat importance that applications are submitted correctly. If you would like to discuss your application then please call us on the numbers listed below or contact us for assistance.

There are exceptions to these rules and you should contact us for assessment of your eligibility if you would like professional assistance with an application.

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